So I’m Married Now…

Yea, got married last Saturday to my love of 8 years now. Go me!

The last two or three months before the wedding were busy, the last two weeks were insanely busy. I am at work most days most of the day, so my huge thanks and appreciation to Firefly, my family and her family for all the work getting together things… tent, food, more food, location, decorations…. lots of stuff.

The Thursday before was my bachelor party, Cat5 did a great job doing a half a day of laser tag, sushi, pool, booze, and absolutely no debauchery at all. No really, you can ask anyone there. It’d be funnier if it wasn’t true πŸ™‚

Anyway, the Friday I took a day off and we got all the last minute details going. Since we had almost no input on anything on Saturday from about 9:30 in the morning till the ceremony at 4:30 (due to doing as many pictures beforehand as possible so the wait between ceremony and reception was as short as possible (sorry if it was long to anyone who was there)), we had to get all our ducks in a row and then rely on everyone else to make sure things went smoothly.

That day I got another tent, the sound system, had a rehearsal, took everyone to dinner, and was setting up music at 11pm the night

The day of went just about as perfectly as you could ask for. The rain that was predicted for the last two weeks didn’t arrive and instead it was beautifully sunny (almost too sunny, I burnt the top of my head). The ceremony setup was great, and everyone seemed to show up and hopefully had a good time.

More after the clicky clicky link….

People started arriving way to early, got to chat a bit with some of them before we sequestered ourselves in the house so we didn’t spoil the surprise. I had been mostly ok the rest of the day, getting dressed, laughing with the guys, seeing Firefly for the first time, taking pictures in the park. It was only at the T-Minus-15-minutes point that I started to pace, get nervous, etc, even though at that point I was pretty sure that everything was going to go fine.

Walking out for the actual ceremony was great, family and friends lined the seats, people with cameras taking pictures of me (for some reason). Of course, the star of the whole show turned up a bit later, driven around the back of the property to get a proper entrance through the back gate. And she looked like an angel.

While I’d love to tell you I remember the ceremony with every moment etched in my mind from what I was saying and thinking to what the people in attendance were doing, it was mostly a blur. Repeat this, repeat that, kiss the girl (that I remember), move here, sign this, stand, smile, move to the left, and so on. It was all a blur.

Afterwards we got to relax a bit, but not much. Got to eat a bit (delicious food), then did the mingling thing, hoping to spend more than a few seconds with each person there.

People seemed to roll out around 8 or 9, so we helped pack things up as best we could (and oh the joy of putting real clothes back on!) and then headed home to fall fast asleep.

Huge thanks to:

  • My darling firefly whom I just married
  • Our family who helped out with food, setup, organization, wine, people wrangling, and all that a wedding entails
  • Our friends and family who came from far and wide to join and share that day with us and who hopefully didn’t feel massively ignored by us as we ran around like chickens sans heads
  • The photographer, Davina, who did a fantastic job (just got the pictures back yesterday, and they are great)

Now I get to resume normal (married) life!

Pictures coming soon to this site.

3 Comments on “So I’m Married Now…”

  1. It was a great wedding dude. Great weather, great ceremony, great food. And the couple weren’t all that bad either πŸ˜‰

  2. Congratulations! It always makes me tear up a little when I hear two people got married. :’-)