Gentoo Apache 2 Updates

Just so my bitching isn’t restricted to Microsoft, today a fair chunk of time fixing the webserver after the latest version of Apache that is in the Gentoo repository. Version 2.0 has been installed and working fine for a while, but the config layout seemed to change and a bunch of things moved. Generally I try to not change config files that don’t need to be replaced if I can avoid it, less chance of messing up an existing config. However, it seems that the new install didn’t like that, and it was only after lots of mucking around (and many times thinking “man, I should downgrade to 2.0”) I finally realized that I basically had to blow away all the old configs (the new default server layout had changed) and leave only my own virtual host settings before it would finally work. Bleah. I keep on wanting to switch to Ubuntu (still) but just can’t bring myself to undo all the tweaking and setup I’ve done. However, when the server is upgraded with gobs of more disk space (1TB drives are getting cheaper all the time) I will move over to something a little less volatile 🙂

One Comment on “Gentoo Apache 2 Updates”

  1. I have this exact same problem. I run gentoo on my box (devious), and it’s a huge pain in the ass. Ever since the head maintainer quit, what, 2 years ago? The packages have been a mess. Especially PHP and apache. The idea of leaving hours of compiling running on a box I don’t have easy physical access to is not very appealing.
    I run ubuntu feisty on my home machine and my work machine these days, and love it. apt FTW. When I get a chance[], I’ll replace devious with the current LTS version and not worry about stuff breaking every time someone in the gentoo team decides it’s time to completely re-organize how they do everything..
    ] ETA: 2014