First Snow 2007

Yesterday I woke up to the light on the ceiling of the bedroom being a bit brighter and dare I say, whiter, than I’m used to first thing on a lazy Saturday morning. Turns out the white stuff had started falling as predicted. It was on and off for the rest of the day, and when I went to bed last night there was maybe two inches of the stuff on the hood of my car. The weather predicted snow for Sunday (today) so I assumed I’d wake up to the standard “day after snow” scenerio of the lower mainland where the rain has washed it all away and there’s nothing bug sludge and gray ickyness left.

Not so. This morning it’s still coming down, thought not big flakes, and there doesn’t seem to be a full night’s snowfall on the ground (maybe four or five inches if that), but it’s still here. So I predict today will be another lazy day… I’ve already started sitting here on the couch with my laptop and a bevy of cats (Corny beside me, Rex on the arm of the couch, Zoon on the back of the couch). I figure I’ll take my queues from them!

2 Comments on “First Snow 2007”

  1. I really like the perspective on that shot. What kind of lens where you using? It looks like a bit of a wide angle, maybe 18mm or 24mm?