I’m A New Dad! (Kinda)

So apparently the whining and slightly porkier look to my kitten Zoon was not just the Christmas season and extra turkey… I came home today after work and found her in a little nest we’d made her in the library with a tiny little striped kitten latched on! I’m giddly like a schoolgirl with a brand new pony kitten!

Pictures (of mediocre quality) of mom and baby who appear to be doing well:

I’m actually kinda glad I wasn’t there for the birth, even though I witnessed many kittens entering the world when I was living at home, I vaugly remember it being a bit “yucky” and to be honest I was a bit scared as to what to do if something went wrong, etc etc. However she appears to be doing just fine and the baby, no more than a few hours old I’m sure, seems as happy as one can be.

Update: More Pics

(The artsy black and white version)

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