Kitten Pictures (Again)

My buddy Brian came over today and of course, wanted to steal the kitten. I didn’t let him of course, though he got to hold her (I think it’s a her anyway). Here are the pics of the little one at 13 days old. Click for higher res.

Tiny little kitten…. biiiiig man hands 🙂

For the most part she was ok, big adventure and got to go farther around the house than ever before… still a bit freaked out by the camera shutter noise though, and started squeaking, so we put her back in the box and ushered mommy cat in (as she didn’t hear or ignored the squeaks of “get the huge hairless monkeys off of me!”).

One Comment on “Kitten Pictures (Again)”

  1. Stop!
    This is terminal cuteness….but very nice to see. Best wishes from just outside Manzanillo, sunny and hot (natch), and the old folk are just vegging and slowly browning. Sun is deadly and sand can be red hot.
    Love to all, Dad and Mom