Kitten In Bowl By Mirror, Meet Kitten in Bowl In Mirror

The kitten (a beta name of ‘Carbon’ (as in carbon copy of mom, dad, and other cats in the house) is under discussion right now) discovered a) a bowl and b) another kitten in the same bowl in the mirror! Sadly wasn’t able to get any shots of the pair playing, maybe tomorrow 🙂

Anyone have any suggestions for names? I’ve posted lots of pictures so you folks are probably as familiar with him/her as I am… throw any suggestions for names into the comments please!

3 Comments on “Kitten In Bowl By Mirror, Meet Kitten in Bowl In Mirror”

  1. I dunno… when I was holding her/him (we still don’t know the sex of the thing) I thought the name “Tigris” was suiting. Tigris is the greek name for Tiger, which loosely means “arrow”. If you think how that bloody thing was darting around your kitchen and jumping straight as an arrow at stuff… it seems fiting.
    Just a thought.

  2. personally, the kitten looks like ‘Stripes’ to me…which is in a way along the same lines of Tigris I reckon…still…. 🙂