Corny To Vet :(

Ah, cats…. gotta love how they pay us back for housing and feeding them with making us pay their vet bills. Corny had a wound on his back which went from a scab to something fairly ugly looking, and I ended up taking him to the vet. Basically it’s not healing, there’s dead flesh in there that needs to be cleaned out. So they’re going to chop him open, carve out the dead flesh (yum!) and then stitch him back up again (putting a drain in if needed). I’m hoping there won’t be need for a drain again, and no repeat of the Franken-Corny.

2 Comments on “Corny To Vet :(”

  1. Aww, poor Corny! Hilariously, I have still thought about your cat for all these years, as I based a password on his name. I hope he doesn’t need the drain.

  2. Yea, he did need the drain, but it’s out now, only had to be in there 3 days. Now another 6 days till the stitches come out and he can start growing his hair back!