New Kittens, Grass, Weeds, and Yard Work

Busy last couple of days. On Friday Zoon gave birth to two black, tiny, healthy kittens. Both happened while I was out of course, as I had a bit of running around to do. I’m glad she finally popped, and two is a good number (though that makes total cats in house at 6, which puts me squarely in the “crazy old man with the cats” category). Below is a pic of the first one less than an hour old (still wet). The second kitten was born almost two hours after. The only difference between the two so far is one is a tiny bit less black than the other and has a white spot on it’s chest.

Other than that yesterday was a day of yardwork, mowing the lawn (not all, because apparently that clump of weeks are not weeds), cleaning out the carport (though some of the cleaning seemed to just be moving from one spot to the other, though in the end it was cleaned out and I could actually park my car in i!), and starting work on the back yard. This also means we can start work on the deck, so the big party BBQ will happen sometime this month (in theory). It was slow going though because the back yard has basically gone completely ignored for the last 2 years. There was lots of progress made though, and in the end we took out a pickup full of stuff to go to storage and a pickup full of garbage. That’s a lot of stuff to get rid of!

Anyway, more kitten pics tonight.

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