Quadruple Doozie

  1. Hot….. 29c today
  2. Long weekend means filling my tank cost $70 (yea yea, $4 a gallon in the states, I’m sure there are way worse off folks than me, but this is a car that at the end of last year was a $50 fill), and you know that just cause it’s up for the long weekend doesn’t mean it’s going to go down anytime soon.
  3. On call, so on this long weekend I’m tied to being close to the work phone and the computer. Ugh.
  4. Neck, back and butt are killing me šŸ™ No doubt due to continued days of 2 hours on a train with bad seats, 7 hours at work with bad seats, and a couch when I get home.

    In other news, whine whine whine šŸ™‚ Oh, and no, no kittens appearing yet.

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