Headache Day, Apple’s New Toys, and Misc

While today’s utter hell had nothing to do directly with the 6 hours of training in a small stuffy room with a guy talking really loud so one other guy at the other end of a conference call could hear, it certainly didn’t help. The painful migraine that started early noon-ish and continued until about the time I got home at 7 was the main hell, though the short snooze on the train (helped along by a handful of super strength Tylenol I’m sure) helped. I’ve still got a bit of it hiding in the back of my head still.

Holy rain batman! when I got home I had to practically swim home from the train station! I’m glad it was decent this morning when I went on my run (yay me). I’m going to go for the mon/wed/fri run and just waking up the same time tues/wed and shifting my hours back. That’s the current idea anyway.

I was excited about the Apple WWDC keynote today, where they announced (finally) the 3G iPhone, available (early July) in a bunch of countries, including here (through Rogers, another plus for me) and you no longer have to pay $700 for it, but it’s a far more reasonable $199 (8Gig version) or $299 (16Gig version). I’m not 100% sure if I’ll get one yet, that will be decided by the data plans that Rogers comes up with. Their current offering of 25mb for $97/month (and no doubt crazy expensive overage fees) just isn’t going to cut it. I have a 16Gig iPod Touch already and I’m fairly happy with it, but if I can get rid of my phone, combine it with my iPod and get always on internet through it…. suddenly that looks really attractive (again, with decent data rates).

The online description of the keynote sounded fairly boring though, I have to agree with Paul Thurrotte’s assessment, at least based on what I read. And reading through a live keynote blog and going “this sounds kinda boring” is saying a lot, especially for an Apple keynote.

A lot of the things they highlight are pretty lame too….. contact search is worth a mention at a keynote?!? Ditto with the now non-completely-stupid-and-sucky fix of the headphone jack now not needing special headphones to work?!? Demoing medical imaging software?!? I’m sure that now iPhone is “business friendly” this applies a bit, but the attendees are no doubt not caring much about this. Lifehacker has another set of thoughts that fairly mirror mine.

Course, it all means nothing until things actually show up here on (I presume) July 11 or so.

Looking forward to an early night and lots of sleep tonight. Kitten pics posted soon!

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