Merry Christmas Eve

I did try to get to work today, I really did! I have (some) legitimate work to do, and a bottle of rum just waiting to be mixed with a drop of eggnog in my drawer (to make the day for the poor schlubs who are in on a Christmas Eve that much easier), but no go 🙁 Got up as normal, it had snowed overnight but I figured I could make it.

Never got out of the driveway. 10cm of snow on top of a sheet of packed snow/ice let me get about halfway up the hill before I’d slide right back into the carport. Ah well, I hear from a coworker that the train is broken down at port moody and “transit is universally f–d.” The translink transit alerts confirm this in less colorful terms. I guess the real test will be if Firefly’s 4WD can make it out for the Christmas party this evening…..

Here are a couple of shots of what I woke up to: