Personal Bits

Long time no blog, so a bit of a wrap up for future-me when I look back on this and wonder what was going on in past-me’s life around summer of 2009. First of all, a change in Job. Sadly my very fun stint at Layer 7 came to an end around the end of April. Blah blah economy blah blah. Luckily getting laid off is something that tech people get used to after a while and a job for a full year (well, almost a year) is something that’s not all that bad. Of course, for the fourth job in a row I was there almost long enough to take holidays, and in fact was just thinking about holidays, a new big screen TV, etc, when the hammer fell. Oh well, maybe in a year I’ll be able to take a holiday!

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So after a couple of months of searching I ended up as a developer at airG, a place that does social-networking type stuff on the cell phone. Of course I’m off a bit in a world of my own, and after 2 weeks have yet to write any Perl code (which surprisingly is what the company works in, which is awesome), but instead have done some work on a Mozilla extension and have been learning to be a “Launch Manger” (guy who pushes out updated code to the server farm and fights fires).

What else… Pets… As previously blogged, we had a pair of baby bunnies for a week or so. Also the babies, Bump and Bear have been really going nuts as hunters, and have brought in about 5 mice and 2-3 birds in the last while. And tons of moths are falling prey to them, mostly because it’s so damn hot we keep the windows open at night and we don’t have screens on the windows.

Rex was at the vet for a couple of days too…. on Friday he was doing a funny coughing/trying-to-puke thing and frothing at the mouth (well, more heavy drool actually). Andrea took him into the vet and after a couple of nights there he’s back home. Apparently he ate something bad and got some sort of infection which caused his guts and throat to inflame, causing him problems eating, dehydration, etc. After IV fluids, antibiotics, and $500 he’s back home and mostly better (doc said he was about 80% better, so we have a week of antibiotics and some special food for him).

It’s been hot. Way too hot. Bring back the rain and snow I say, I’d much rather sleep at night without sweating through the sheets than have nice weather. Hell, 14 hours a day I’m either in a train or in an office building anyway, what do I need the sun for!? This week is supposed to be particularly brutal and in the mid-30s too.

OK, maybe not that much to catch up on after all. Future-self, it’s pretty unexciting around here now….