New Year, New Post

Welcome to 2010. Wee…. should try to post here more than once every few months, but really nothing that interesting has happened lately. Life seems to be mostly stagnating sadly, so hopefully I’ll be able to do something about that in the coming weeks and months. Christmas and new years was great though… a week off of work, great turkey dinner with Family, another great one with friends, a nice New Years Eve with friends watching the Blu Ray edition of Dark Knight on the big screen TV, and not one but two visits with friends flying through from Philadelphia. Other than that the week off was mostly sitting on the couch and doing pretty much nothing. Then at the end of it being pissed off that I pissed away a week of useful time to do the myriad of things needing to be done around the house. Ah well, that’s what the 3 hours between coming home from work and going to sleep are for I guess.

It’s rough going from a week of nothing to doing stuff, I do wish I had been a bit smarter in prepping for the early mornings instead of going from waking up at 9 or 10am straight to 5:30am. Though I’m still (mostly) lucid this morning somehow.

My biggest piss off is that over the week all the content creators on the Internet that I read and listen to (ie: podcasts) didn’t stop, so now I have about 17 hours of podcasts that I feel I have to listen to and can’t just delete. That’s not even counting the remaining 17 hours of the History of Howard Stern (act III) 10 day retrospective series of the Howard Stern Show… those at least I’m willing to let those wait until I’ve finished listening to the daily radio show from there. I think I have a problem of sorts in the respect of feeling I have to listen to things…. it’s probably a medical condition.

Hopefully work over the next few days will be slow enough that I can just sit and let the talk of tech, Apple, Microsoft, photography and whatever else is in the queue flow over me while I work. Work really hard that is. Yea, that’s it.

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