Still Fully Toothed

I had a dentist appointment last week that was supposed to be a tooth extraction for a tooth that’s been bothering me for a while, actually not the tooth but the gum above it.  Dentist tried a few things, and eventually said the tooth had to come out, unfortunately.  I got two choices, either a bridge of some sort that’d cost an arm, but would also damange the two teeth on either side, or a metal post implanted where the tooth was, that wouldn’t damage any other teeth, better in the long term, etc, etc, but costs both the arm and the leg.

I went into the office and he got me all ready, gave me details, etc etc, and just when he’s about to start doing whatever it is he has to do (apparently they don’t just tie a string around the tooth with the other end on a door knob and slam the door), and asked if I was going bridge or post, and when I said I was going to sell off my first born (if I had one) to do the post he basically stopped and decided I needed to go to the specialist for both the extraction and whatever came afterwards, not just the stuff that came afterwards.  He did manage to use the rest of the time though, taking pictures, more poking and prodding, etc.

So now it’s another appointment, another having to explain to my boss why I didn’t have all the dentristy done, and so on.  On the plus side, I get another few weeks with all my teeth 😀