Portrait and Teeth, etc.

Strobist Portrait Been doing a lot of “Strobist” stuff lately, the shot to the right is of the beautiful Terra-Jean whom I had the honor of shooting a couple of weekends ago at a meetup.com gathering of photographers, led by Chris Pike. Great time was had and I got some great shots if you hit that image’s link and wander in and out of the flickr stream. I’m fairly proud of this shot as well of my coworker Cory, not because it’s a great lit image (not that it’s bad), but that it’s all mine, in execution and gear.
Today is also a day I’m not at work because I get to get a tooth taken out. Sucky thing is it’s a fairly prominent tooth, broken in grade 3 in a fall on the playground which has apparently decided to finally die and give me some issues. I would really rather not do this, if for no other reason than that it’s my tooth dammit, but looking at myself in the mirror this morning that tooth is clearly grey and different than the others around it, so I don’t feel as bad.