Ringing in 2013 With Friends and a New SSD

Scrambled EggsHad a nice time last night with the now-sort-of-annual New Years Eve party.  It’s actually more of a “we are old and lazy and don’t want to go out so why don’t people just come to our house” party if I was to be honest.  Only 3 people showed up, but there was still lots of great snacks (and actual real food that A made), lots of drink (not irresponsibly too much of course), and fun.  

Among the fun was swapping computer hardware, which, even a bit tipsy, is possible.  A’s computer died a couple of weeks ago (dead hard drive) so we got her another one (after 5 years that’s not bad).  I got a gift card for NCIX so I got myself a(nother) SSD drive, and then last night swapped the hard drive out of my laptop, put the new SSD in, and put my old drive into her old computer.  A few (amazingly fun) hours of installing Windows Vista, and voilà, usable laptop, and a now super-speedy drive for me.

Slept in late, woke up feeling… mostly alive, got up, made eggs, and am now watching Lord of the Rings (the original trilogy I heard it referred to a couple of days ago, awesome), while A and Shaun play Age of Mythology (she’s kicking his ass…. again).

Merry 2013 everyone!