I didn’t know about Amazi Coffee until I notice them while going to a physio appointment. I wanted my Chai Latte for when I was back home at work, and going to a coffee shop right beside instead of going out of my way to go to a Starbucks, so I ran in.

Inside wasn’t too bad. I didn’t stay, but the seating looked like a mix of the typical hard metal seats with a few comfortable ones with some butt-padding thrown in.

Service was good. Nothing special, but nothing wrong at all. There seemed to be a bit confusion about who was making the drink, but that’s just what happens sometimes.


The cup was nice. The sleeve looked like it was very recyclable, and the logo on it looked quite nice as you can see. The lid had a decent mouth feel, and the air hole (not sure what it’s actually called) was unrestricted enough that drinking wasn’t restricted.

On to the actual drink

I drank enough in the car home before thinking about making this post which is why it’s only half full.

Spice and Pop

The spice was nice. Enough to give a bit of pop, whereas I’ve had Starbucks ones that vary between having good flavour and being bland. I’ve literally only had one drink from Amazi, so I can only go off of this one, but I’d give it a 8/10. Good pop, nice flavour, not too much, not too little, just right.


The creaminess was a touch too thick. Not bad, but more thick tasting than I’m used to. This I’d give a 7/10. Again, not bad, but not what I’m used to.


I didn’t ask for extra hot or anything special, but I did have some time between the coffee shop and when I got home before it was good to drink. For me, I prefer my Chai’s to be a bit hotter so I can savour the anticipation of drinking them. No rating on this one, other than a middle of the road, exactly what you’d expect. Normal people probably want to get a drink and be able to drink it right away, like some sort of freak.

Final Rating

Taste / Spice / Pop8/10
HeatNo Rating

Thought this would be a fun thing to start doing. Let me know if you like it!