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links for 2005-11-25

overstated: Migrating to del.icio.us Yet more dlu stuff. (tags: del.icio.us delicious movabletype mt bookmarks perl web) ONLamp.com: Ajax on Rails (tags: ajax rails website design programming tutorial) ONLamp.com: Modern Memory Management, Part 2 (tags: programming c notes code tools)

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links for 2005-11-24

The Box O’ Truth #5 – The Locks O’ Truth Proof that if you have spare time and guns, you too can play mythbuster! (tags: guns locks howto) Changes to TCP/IP in Windows Vista (tags: vista longhorn networking) LDAP Browser/Editor Sexy little java based LDAP browser (tags: ldap software java browser editor workstuff) Softerra LDAP

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links for 2005-11-23

Comprehensive Listing of Del.icio.us Tools, Plugins and Add-ons for Social Bookmarking ? ?Change, Culture, Creativity, Communication? (tags: tools del.icio.us plugins blog) MovableBlog: Archives: Another Way To Integrate del.icio.us in Movable Type (tags: movabletype del.icio.us rss) The Complete CSS tutorial (tags: css web design html)

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