More Social Engineering

You can make the best firewalls, or the coolest piece of security software, but as this experiment shows you still have the very big factor of human nature to overcome. Basically these guys wrote a trojan and put it on a bunch of those small USB memory sticks that are the latest give away gimick.

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SSH Exploit Annoyances

I know that this isn’t a threat, but messages like these have been showing up in my nightly logwatch email for a few months now: Failed logins from these: admin/password from 9 Time(s) backup/password from 3 Time(s) computer/password from 3 Time(s) guest/password from 7 Time(s) info/password from 4 Time(s) master/password

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Gotta Love It

Great message posted to the Bugtraq security list showing how easy it is to execute code on the “secure by default” Outlook 2003. Maybe the much touted security cleanup at Redmond isn’t as good as some think. By “easy” above I mean “easy as described by someone who does this sort of thing for a

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Wow, Smarter Spyware

Went to a website in Firefox and got this. Guess they are an equal-opportunity privacy invader! Just a wake up call to always read what is on the screen before clicking “ok”. That and legitimate websites don’t ever need you to install anything to visit them.

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