Well, lately a whole bunch of stuff has been flying around relationship wise, luckily

none of it has been happening to me. Some of the splatters have gotten on me though

🙁, prompting the following thoughts:

With each passing day life continues along. Today might be bad, yesturday worse,

and tomorrow better. We never know what will happen. Each day we fight demons,

our own, other peoples, and each night we must come back home to nurse our wounds.

Some people need others there, some don’t. The people that don’t and that can’t handle

the wounds will call out into the night. The people who don’t need other people and who

can handle the wounds will lick them clean, hope the scars are not too obvious, and hope

that tomorrow the pain is gone. If the pain isn’t gone then that night the whole procedure

is repeated again. Sometimes though these people still need a human touch to still the

pain. These people are the survivors.

We are the survivors.

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