Got up this morning at 6am, got ready for work, my carpool buddy came at the

normal time (6:45), and we went into the secure underground parking

lot of my building. Lo and behold, my car passenger door had the window pulled

down, and the lock opened. My $300 stereo, $100 (el cheapo) amp and possibly

more was gone. I didn’t have time to look at that time as I was late for work.

The police said I had to bring the car to them, and I had to go in carpool buddies

truck (it was my week to drive. Now this pisses me off, and rightly

so. My car I don’t believe had theft on it, and of course I don’t have the

serial numbers to the stereo equipment. None of my tapes were taken, and my

school bag was still there too. I’m really glad I didn’t put my climbing/camping

gear in the trunk like I had planned last night! So I’m screwed… I don’t know

if I’ll go camping to Squamish like I planned this weekend… my car is less

than secure, and I’m pissed off. I also have a lot to do as far as getting

this whole thing worked out, and homework etc. I was planning to just

take a break with the homework, but now I don’t know if I can take the break

with my car fubared.

I really hate people.