A couple of random thoughts…

http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/3105 is a funny site. Visit it 🙂

Laundry. When you are young it seems so complicated… Sunday morning you watch mom collect it all, put it in thousands of piles

and then do all sorts of magic on the washer/drier with the little knobs and dials, and a few hours later clean laundry appears! I admit,

before I moved out at 20, I did the laundry maybe once or twice… now I do it all the time (out of need of course), and have no

troubles… it’s really not that bad. A pile of whites/greys, and a pile of blacks… throw ’em in and go away for a while.

Can anyone guess what I’m doing today? 🙂

Also, replaced my deck yesturday. I also realized that ICBC screwed me royally. The money

they gave me could only be used on similar things…. so the $50 for the amp has to be put in on an amp…. and the $125 for the stereo

has to be put in on a cassette stereo. Feh! So I can’t "upgrade" like they said really…. also, my $100 deductable

takes away most of the money I get back. That’s ok, I’ll just spend money I don’t really have… who needs to


I did get some work done this weekend though… and X-Files tonight was awsome!

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