Ok… it’s been a while. I moved my homepage to my new provider, as my Mindlink

account runs out soon. Going to try to get people (the millions that visit here

every day) used to the new address.

Uhmm… my car got broken into again a while ago, here is what was put on my homepage

this time:

OK, this is bloody ridiculous. I was woken up at 5:45 this morning by a cop knocking on my door… my car got broken into

again. Luckily, the only things that got stolen were a couple of old speakers, which were found and

returned. However, the lock on the drivers side door got popped off, and I doubt that I’ll get dick all out of ICBC. Do I have to go and

live in a cave? or is it possible to be "safe" in one’s own neighborhood? I’m pretty sure that the other 10 people that got

ripped off last night in my SECURE UNDERGROUND PARKING are thinking the same thing. Well, to the assholes that did it – if I ever

DO catch you, or find out who did it, I will HAPPILY remove your slimy, worm infested brains from your caved in skulls and

feed whatever worms are in there to you. And I though I don’t advicate beating one’s kids, I certainly wish yours would beat the

living shit out of you (after I’m done)

(that was at the top of my homepage in the largest possible font).

Other news… well, one of my 4 fish died 🙁. It was a goldfish that got some

sort of itch infection, was moved out of the aquairum (into a mesuring cup), and died

probably from the shock of the move or something. The other 2 goldfish are doing well,

though one is floating a lot. The gimped looking one named Igor, and my Siamese

Fighting fish, unnamed, are doing fine. The SFF (or Betta as they are sometimes called)

seems to enjoy his newly cleaned tank.