My Siamese Fighting Fish died yesturday 🙁. Don’t know why, he was really

perky the night before, and I cleaned his bowl a couple of days before that. Now I’m

down to two goldfish.

On a slightly happier note, Pixie (Monique, a friend from

north) has been out here, and


Brian, LLau and I met her and showed her around Vancouver. On Tuesday we showed her

the sights in Vancouver, and yesturday we took her climbing to a gym called The Edge

in North Vancouver. It was good fun, though it was such a nice day I was very

close to just saying "screw ’em," and going to Squamish to do some real climbing!

I was good though, and survived. I just hope that the weather holds till the weekend…

Monique is… well, really cool. A great person who I am glad to have met in Real Life(tm).

She is going back to Ottawa today, and the Abby peoples wish her a good trip.