Well, I finally got around to redoing this page a little… how does it look?

The logo at the top, and the background gradient were whipped up in photoshop

while at work. Speaking of work, it’s been slow here lately… kinda

nice. The realtors are either slowly dying off (a fantasy of mine) or going

on holiday (more likely).

Brian got NT4 installed, and says

he’d never go back to Win95… I’m considering doing the same. I’ll be getting

a Maxtor 3.8G in the next couple days… now to decide whether to switch it

with my Fujitsu 1.3G or my (slightly slower) Western Digital 1.6G. The one

I switch will be going in my 486 Linux box

(with a 32 day uptime thank you very much).

My partner here in the tech support department just installed VB 4.0 Pro.

It doesn’t recognize the VB 4.0 non-pro projects he had before, and just GPF’d

when opening a .BAS file. I find it funny… what else would you expect from


Hmm…. rants…. I can do that. Voice mail. Is it my imagination, or is

the chick (no offense intended) on my voice mail laughing when she says

"You have more than 20 messages"? Anyway… just had another



I do tech support for realtors. I’m sorry, but they are stupid. I don’t

mind that they don’t know computers… I enjoy teaching people new things,

and I know that there are areas in life where I am an idiot (though I strive

to be perfect in all aspects of life). But it is the fact that they don’t

want to learn that I hate. How many times do I have to say

"press ALT-S to go to the setup menu…. yes, the ALT key, right beside

the spacebar…. no, no, no, ‘s’ as in ‘sam’…. no, you have to let the keys

go, that’s why it’s making that clicking noise…. press the ALT key, tap the

‘S’ key and release them both". This happens at least a couple times

a day. We handle 80-100 calls a day, while the other real estate board

handles about 20 between 5 people…. now come on. Anyway, like I was saying,

I hate talking to people who are to stupid to learn.

Here are some quotes and thoughts that I’ve heard and had. And yes, they are

all real. Honest… I wouldn’t make up shit like this 🙂.

    <LI>I have an SVGA computer.
    <LI>What sort of a modem do I have? I don't know.
    <LI>Do you have the Internet?
    <LI>What? you mean that changing my password in program X doesn't change
    it in program Y?
    <LI>[a thought from me]I will now read you the section of the manual you
    failed to comprehend.
    <LI>[Realtor] I can't get pictures with the listings!<BR>
    [Me] Did you download the listings?<BR>
    [R] No <BR>
    [Me] Well, you have to do that<br>
    [R] How do I do that?<BR>
    [Me] Press the &quot;Download&quot; button<BR>
    [R] oh... ok.  What does that do?<BR>
    [Me] Download the information<BR>
    [R] oh.<P>
    (yes, this happened)<P>
    <LI>[Realtor] I have a listing on the internet [all our listings go onto the net]
    but the picture is wrong.<BR>
    [Me] ok.... (about to ask for the address)<BR>
    [R] It's on the [other] real estate board site<BR>
    [Me] Ok... probably a good idea to call them then *click*<P>
    <LI>Why can't people remember the error messages that they get?
    <LI>Half the time I &quot;help&quot; a person, I just read from the screen.
    <LI>Do I need search criteria to search?
    <LI>My normal position while doing support is with my head resting on my desk,
    trying hard not to hit it loud enough that they can hear it over the phone.
    <LI>OBRandomThought: Thank God for the mute button on headsets that they
    <STRONG>can't</STRONG> hear... that way I can say &quot;Yes sir&quot; *click mute*
    &quot;What a smegging idiot&quot;
    <LI>Why can't people use logic!??!? If something worked one way once, chances
    are it'll work that way again.
    <LI>Why can't people <EM>try some things by themselves</EM>?  They call as
    soon as something goes wrong, without bothering to try it again, reboot, or
    <LI>I'm not a computer expert, why can't you talk to my [brother|sister|etc]?
    [person then gives me to someone who invariably tells me &quot;I'm not
    really a computer expert, ha ha ha&quot;].
    <LI>How do I find out what my modem is?

Ok, that’s enough for now… I’ll rant more later.