Well, I installed NT 4 over the weekend. Works nice on my P188 with 32 meg RAM.

I did crash it this morning though 🙂. My DE200 NIC died over the

weekend though… so I was late this morning because I was trying to read

manuals, change jumpers, and see if the little light on the back would come on.

It was quite annoying to tell you.

Went shopping with my girlfriend last night (1 year, one month, 2 days as of

today btw, thankyouverymuch). I got a new pair of jeans, she got a whole new

outfit, shoes, etc (and oh man did she look good!)… anyway.

Thinking of going to see Jackie Chan’s latest movie, Operation Condor

again tonight…. it was so good when I saw it opening night, I have no qualms

about seeing it again. It was (as far as I understand) a re-release from ’91

or so, but was still an awsome movie… might even buy it when it comes out on

video. Speaking of buying videos, I got Sneakers over the weekend,

still a good movie. Now I just have to get the other geek movies, like

The Net, Hackers, War Games, etc.

Did I mention Realtors are bloody idiots? I just got a call from a lady trying

to get information on a complex. She said she’s only getting one unit coming up,

unit 54. "What information did you put in the search?" "I put xxxx,

blah street, and unit 54…". I hope I sounded angry enough when I said

(yelled) "Well, obviously if you put in the unit number you’ll

only pull up that property"click.