Well, I installed IE4 preview 2 on my computer at work today (P75, 16 meg ram)…

lets just say that you need more than that. Speaking of Microsoft’s

"Minimum" requirements, I saw the minimum for NT 4 Workstation

was a 486-33 with 16 meg RAM. Uhmm…… no. Of course,

one of my major bitches these days programming-wize is that since HD space and

RAM are so cheap, programmers seem to have forgotten what "optimization"

is about, and how to program well. When was the last time you saw a good game

that was < 5 meg. I remember when a 5 meg game (police quest 3) was huge.

Same with applications…. I installed Office 97 (word and powerpoint only) and

it too 80 megs! 80 bloody megs for a word processer!?!? Sure, you can save

as HTML (another 9.8 if I remember right), but come on!

Ok – end rant. As for IE4… it’s got some cute features, and if anyone

knows how to display the news messages in Outlook Express in Courier Font, please

tell me 🙂 Uhmm… 95 is a toy, NT is cute (haven’t used it enough to tell),

and Linux is still king.

My god people are so fucking stupid. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but it’s 12:40,

I’m bloody hungry, and I’ve been on the phone for the last 40 minutes with some

stupid woman realtor who is… well, stupid. She has no compter skills. I ask

her if she put in her login codes, she said yes, but forgot to mention that she

didn’t press the (she just said "You must be so patient"

… thankfully there is a mute button on the phone so she can’t hear the things

I’m saying about her). I just explained to her the concept of scroll bars…

anyway, the end result is 50 minutes of frustration and hungriness for me.