Well, things seem to be arranged for the Abbotsford Gang’s trip to Calgary.

We’ll be leaving on the 21st or 22 or August, and coming back the 25th or 26th.

Ok, so not totally arranged 🙂. I am going for sure, as

is solas. My SO Pam still has

to get the time off work. We’ll be visiting all the people that we know from

the IRC (#NORTH), and some other friends

that various people know in Calgary. We were considering stopping in Bannf

for a night, but it’s really expensive, and you get fined for

sleeping in your car.

I brought my bike out from my parents house yesturday. I got up about 10 (it

was my day off), went up to the gym and said to myself, "why am I sitting

here in a small, boiling hot room, when I could be riding around outside in the

sun?" Well, the reason was I have no room in my apartment for a bike (at

least in the part that I rent), but I went and got it anyway. Who needs to

get access to the closet anyway? I never got a chance to ride it yet though,

because as soon as I got home I went to pick up Pam from the mall, and we went

shopping a bit, I got some shorts, she got a hat, then we went to the park

and blew bubbles for a bit, before getting some people togeather for Chinese

food buffet in town.

Ok, another rant coming up. Advertising on the net. It sucks. I hate it.

When I started on the net there was very little (2-3 years ago). Now it seems

every page has some stupid animated .gif, or ad for some sort of link exchange.

Now they seem to be putting them in a non-resizable frame at the top/bottom,

so you can’t just scroll past them. Have I ever clicked on one? NO.

Thank the heavens for lynx. No huge images, stupid frames, or lame animated

.gifs. Of course, you get the morons who don’t give a crap about those with

text browsers, who put no ALT= tags on, no <NOFRAMES> sections, and make

gratutious use of tables… but that is all I expect from the idiots out on the

net these days. Oh for the ARPAnet again…. It seems like nothing is safe

from advertising anymore… well, almost nothing. I’m still waiting for books

to come out with "this page brought to you by Nike!" or "this

romantic chapter brought to you by Sony." Hell, why not, seems everything

else is. Watched TV lately? I don’t hardly anymore. I can’t even drive down

the road without seeing thousands of huge ads. Sometimes I wish that the only

advertising that could be done would be is plain, the same, and in a big book,

sorted by subject, company, and name of product. No flashy advetising allowed.

It’ll never happen, but it’s nice to imagine driving down a country road w/o

looking at the shit that is all over it now.

Ok, how about some good things to talk about…. uhmm….


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