Well, so much for my last entry’s high note. Being Friday didn’t stop my car

from breaking down on the way home (one of the apparently important

hoses decided to die, leaving me with nothing in my radiator). So my Friday

was spent putting water in the thing, and putting a temporary hose on there,

and Saturday was spent finding a ’87 323 in the Wreakers, pulling it off (ripping

skin off my arm in the process), and putting it in my car. Seems to be working

ok though.

Yesturday was nice…. picked up Pam after work, went hiking up to a place called

Cascade Falls… hiked up there and vegged in the river. This was followed by a

movie (Four Weddings and a Funeral) and pizza. Picked up Independance Day

for $8.99 too. All in all a nice day. Today after my half day of work I

going to head up to Sumas mountain to do some climbing with Darren and Trevor

(Pali from #north). Hopefully Pam can find a sitter for her little brother and

she can go to.

I’ve been riding my bike every day since I brought it out… my sore butt

can testify to that. On the advice from a friend Mike

from Calgary, I got a gel seat. He suggested either the gel seats or the seat

covers. However, the covers were $30 and the whole seats were $20, go figure.

OBRandomQuote: "You are not my brother, you’re just some git I met once"

— The guy who played Hugh Grant’s deaf brother in Four Weddings and a Funeral

Oh yea! My roomate seems to have agreed to try having a kitten…. so when

Pam’s get old enough I’m gonna get one! Course, they were laughing at me

because I killed all my fish, but I told them that cats are very hard to kill.

I’m excited about this, except for the piddling on the floor, cleaning the litter

box, hair all over the place and scratching of furniture. I’ve even picked

out the one I want, it’s a little tabby whose face is more white than the others,

giving it a "snow tiger" look (or it did when it was young). Now to

find a really cool name…