Went climbing yesturday up at Sumas (a tiny crag near us). Darren, Trevor (pali),

and I went. Unfortunaly, when I say small, I mean small… probably only 4

or 6 climbs (two of which I helped put up thankyouverymuch). We did 3 of them,

then it was heading towards darkness and the mosquitoes were out in full

force. Anyway, it was good to go out and get bitten, scratched and tired.

Watched ID4 after, over pizza. I had pizza for supper last night, lunch yesturday,

and supper the night before. Go figure, I’m having it for lunch today (yech).

8 hours sleep in two days… not good.

Pam’s kittens are running around now… still scared when taken away from the

mom, lifted high in the air and snuggled, but they’ll learn. Roomie and Pam

were laughing at me about the fact I killed my fish 🙁… cats

are hard to kill though. For some reason I’m really wanting a kitten now…

course, the plant I got for christmas is pretty definatly 99% dead now. It

was left on a windowsill for about a week (I put it there to get sun, then

forgot about it. The bonsai is doing great though, overflowing in fact.

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