Bunny Free

Took the bunnies off to Elizabeth’s Wildlife Rescue Center out in Abbotsford. Thanks to a friend of mine pointing me in the right direction, and a couple of phone calls I found her and her operation. I admit I am a bit sad to see them go, being cute and fuzzy and all, however, food

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Bunnies Day 2

So this morning, 30 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off a strange noise followed by the pitter patter of kitten feet zoomed under the bed. Seems the cats learned how to work the door of the cage the bunnies were in and were having great fun chasing one of them around the

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And Now… Bunnies

So a funny thing happened to me today…. Seems there were some orphaned, around two week old bunnies that needed a home, so they are here now. Below you’ll see one, still probably terrified out of it’s wits, looking out towards the camera from it’s new, temporary home.

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Cat Door Training

FireflyMom was over today keeping herself busy by helpfully working on the deck. She’s the only one that really knows what’s going on with it to be honest. Anyway, somewhere along the way she helped Firefly install a cat door at the front entrance. I got home and began the training as I have done

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Bird With Collar

I’m sitting here tonight minding my own business, adding a new feature to $latest_project. Firefly is playing a game on her computer with the bird sitting on her arm. Bird discovers hair band and starts playing with it, preening it and seeming to enjoy herself greatly. The humans are amused. Somehow then the bird manages

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So my 9 year old tabby cat is feeling much better, far more himself. No more conehead either, which makes him seem way less pathetic as well 🙂 Here’s a pic of him today with his side all shaved. Stitches are coming out tomorrow I think, Firefly took a few of them out already, and

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