Bunnies Day 2

So this morning, 30 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off a strange noise followed by the pitter patter of kitten feet zoomed under the bed. Seems the cats learned how to work the door of the cage the bunnies were in and were having great fun chasing one of them around the floor. Luckily it was unharmed and rescued quickly. Also they seem to be OK drinking from the syringe, which is a great sign.

A coworker at the new job pointed me to the Small Animal Rescue Society of BC which looks like a good point to start looking for a more suitable, and less dangerous, home for bun 1 and bun 2 (need better names too).

Then I got home tonight (way later than expected, time ran away and I realized what time it was just as the second to last train was leaving) to find Andrea pulling apart the cupboards in the office downstairs. Turns out bun 2 (not the one chased this morning) somehow got out of the cage (again, why?) and was either adventuring or chased by the kittens into the space under the cupboards in the office.

Ah, the joys of small-animal-in-hostile-environment ownership! More pics soon.