Mice Are In the Air, It Must Be Spring

1am – Go to sleep after coming back from Shaun’s House.
5:00am – Woken up by odd noises that I hope aren’t a mouse being brought into the house.
5:21am – Realize that I can’t pretend it’s not a mouse anymore, and get up, catch the mouse, take it out to the front garden, and close the cat door so they can’t bring it back in.
6:00am – Get woken up by cats outside pawing at the cat door to be let in. Open it and let them in.
7:00am – Get woken up by more mouse noises and squeeking as they have brought in the same (unlucky) or different, mouse. Catch and deposit in the back yard this time.
7:01-10:00ish – Bugged by cats to move, freezing cold, can’t get comfortable, until I finally got out of bed. Ugh.