Cat Door Training

FireflyMom was over today keeping herself busy by helpfully working on the deck. She’s the only one that really knows what’s going on with it to be honest. Anyway, somewhere along the way she helped Firefly install a cat door at the front entrance. I got home and began the training as I have done for generations of cats (to illustrate this point the image to the right is of “my” first kitten, scamper, from…. wow, long ago…. scanned from a black and white picture my dad took if that tells you anything.
Alan’s Cat Door Training Regimen

  • Observe cat wishing to go outside. [optional]
  • Place cat in front of cat door
  • Push cat door flap up slightly (this allows said cat to smell the fresh freedom of the outside world just beyond the magnetized plastic barrier).
  • Stuff cat’s head through cat door.
  • This concludes the “exit” training
  • Wait until cat wishes to come in.
  • Taunt cat from inside warm house.
  • Go outside.
  • Stuff cat’s head through cat door.

Repeat as needed 🙂
You can trust me on the method, remember, I am an expert 🙂
Disclaimer: Take everything you read above with a grain of salt. Do not use methods on actual animals. Not valid in North America.