Time Capsule, To Open or Not to Open

Long long ago, when I was…. maybe 12 or so, so around 1987, I really don’t remember, I created a time capsule. For some reason it popped into my head today that maybe it was time to open it. It’s a pretty lame time capsule if I remember right. I had a cookie tin or so, maybe six inches square by four inches deep that I filled and then “sealed” by soldering the top on. Things I remember putting in there were probably historically interesting to me only. A book of “poetry” I wrote in elementary school (I remember having to write them to Zamfir‘s pan flutes), a real switchblade knife that I wanted to hide from my parents, a sampling of money (a dollar bill, two dollar bill, maybe a ten as well (this was just as they introduced the Loonie, so it’s actually got money that’s not really in circulation anymore)), and a picture of Bruce McCandless’s first unteathered MMU spacewalk that I got at Expo 86 (the same image on the linked page to be honest). At least, that’s what I remember. I’m sure there was more though.

I know it’s almost 20 years now (egads!), but it doesn’t feel that long somehow. Maybe I should wait another 20 years?

Anyone else out there have personal time capsules? What’s in it? When are you going to open it?

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