So A Funny Thing Happened At The Barn….

A couple of days ago I got a text from my wife saying something about “kitten” and “barn” and “abandoned”. Cutting a long story short, so yea, we got another kitten. She was abandoned (as best we can figure) at the barn (theory being a dumped kitten turns into a barn cat, probably makes those responsible sleep better at night). She burrowed into A’s shoulder and neck and purred her little brains out before she got a chance to even see the kitten.
As the difference in work and effort between 5 cats and 6 is only 20% compared to the 100% difference between 0 and 1 cats, or even 33% if you were to go from 3 to 4 cats. Of course, by that theory the amount of work to get more cats approaches 0, meaning that life will get easier the more cats I have! Well, that’s my justification anyway. Here are some more pictures!