Another Stupid Cat At The Vet

So Corny is at the vet again.  This time he was panting and drooling yesterday, so A took him to the vet, who gave him an anti-inflammatory shot and some antibiotics and he was ok. The vet figured it was an allergic reaction to a flea bite (or something like that). This morning though he was panting and listless again, so I took him down this morning before work (gotta love the flexibility of the new job!). The doctor said he didn’t like the sound of his breathing… Doc took him in for the day for blood tests, x-rays, and other expensive things.
When I called he said it was (basically) that he was constipated, which was causing pain, which caused the shallow breathing, so they’re keeping him overnight to make sure the laxatives work (fun for the cat I’m sure). Sounds like after he poops his little brains out he should be ok and good to come home. We’ll find out tomorrow. Unfortunately of course it’s all expensive, $95 for x-rays, $150 for blood work, $200 for putting him on fluids, etc, etc, etc. Just when I thought that money was getting better. I anticipate that as soon as I recover financially from this then suddenly my car will get sick šŸ™
Fingers crossed this is just a(nother) one time things with this cat. Again.