Hey Mom, I’m a Star!

Long long time no type. Lately I’ve been blogging a bit on my photography site and naval gazing on twitter and mucking around a bit on Google+. Lately the one interesting thing is I’ve somehow managed to get featured in two videos. Yup, you can see my ugly mug by going to…

http://www.scorpionsoft.com/levelplatforms and watching the video. Ignoring the techie bits at the start and end, I play and evil and disgruntled worker fired from my job and wrecking havoc on my company. My buddy Dana was apparently looking for someone old and bitter to play the part and thought of me! I’m… honoured I guess. It was fun to play for sure, lights and cameras and microphones all around, me with lines on the screen, repeating the lines, drinking the beer, typing, more beer, rinse and repeat. I’m really impressed with the final product, awesome work by Dana and his crew (especially for what he had to work with!).

The second is embedded below, it’s a promo video for MVP Workshops, the photography group in Vancouver that I hang out with. Chris runs the meetups and got Winston Wong did a great video of what goes on at the workshops. Short story, great fun. I’m sadly not the star in this one, but it’s fun and you get a few glimpses of me in “fun mode”.

Metro Vancouver Photography Workshops Promotional Clip from Winston Wong on Vimeo.