Bird With Collar

I’m sitting here tonight minding my own business, adding a new feature to $latest_project. Firefly is playing a game on her computer with the bird sitting on her arm. Bird discovers hair band and starts playing with it, preening it and seeming to enjoy herself greatly. The humans are amused. Somehow then the bird manages to flip the hairband over her own head and proceeds to (sorta) freak out. Not freak out like my cat attacking a dog, but an unhappy, what-the-hell-is-going-on-I-don’t-like-it type of freaking out. She flies around the office, lands on my head, flies around some more, glances off my head, flies around again and lands halfway on my head. At this point I’m yelling to Firefly “get the camera! get the camera! quick! take a picture!” and ignoring the fact she’s got her claws in the side of my head. It wasn’t painful, just less comfortable than her normal resting place on the top of my head or my shoulder. Just after the pic to the right was taken she flew off again, landed on Firefly’s head and I managed to get the “collar” off without strangling the bird with it.
Oh, for anyone who doesn’t know we were suckered into taking accepted a bird a few months back from a buddy of mine.

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