Reason 9,864 to Not Skydive

Every once and a while I think that I should fulfill my mid-life crisis by doing something manly to prove myself, like skydiving. Then I see videos like this and remember why jumping out of a plane at 12,000 feet is a bad idea.

3 Comments on “Reason 9,864 to Not Skydive”

  1. And this is why I don’t drive a car 😛
    That guy was an idiot, the chute didn’t “just rip off,” if you watch you can see he pulled the cut-off himself first. He then pulls the rip cord, the pilot chute comes out and rips the chute still in the bag out. Since it was already released, it simply comes apart and flies off, like it should. He then panics and goes out of control. Only because his instructors risked their life to save his did he survive, only to fly into the only obstruction for miles around with no attempt to avoid it…
    Nothing malfunctioned here except for the idiot trying to blame everyone else for his own stupidity 🙂
    And, this is what happened when I tried skydiving. No regrets though 🙂

  2. Hi honey. Don’t jump out of perfectly good airplanes. =) Long time no speak! I’m on a break from cooking for tree planters (just 2 more weeks to go until I’m home). I bought another horse (now I have 3) and my hubby and I are doing awesome! how’s life?!

  3. David explaind well what happend. Stupid students dont pay atention in class and this is what can happen. And the video commentator, what a “Whafo” he is making it look like a almost death situation. Anyway even if the instructors did’nt catch him the Cypress on the rig would deploy his reserve. Cheers up for the instructores. “Live Life…Skydive