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Snow 2011

Well, it took it’s time, but it’s finally here (at least for a bit). We were sitting watching the new (and excellent) Sherlock BBC series when we looked out the window and what appeared to be snowballs were falling from the sky. Turns out it was just snow in huge flakes though. Grabbed my Pentax

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My Evening

Is it odd sad that the most exciting parts of my evening are that the new season of America’s Next Top Model is starting, there’s a new iTunes and a new iPhone OS update out?

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“Geek Tizzy” Defined

When a geek’s mind sees the solution to an interesting problem is through a twisty maze of corridors, identifies the path, and leaps into a blur action involving cables, spare hardware, and possibly a screwdriver. Such as seeing the solution to “how do I download this 150G torrent of ‘Dr. Who’ episodes in a sane

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The Zune Conspiracy, Theory #1

Microsoft released their iPod competitor the Zune, or at least that’s what everything things it is. I have two theories (conspiracy theories of course, full tin-foil hat engaged) about what the nefarious plans for the Zune really are however, and they both include the fact that the Zune was never meant to be a serious

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