The Push is Ov…. Oh Never Mind

Well it looks like my latest consulting project is wrapped up. Still one more tiny bit of functionality waiting to go, but I’m waiting on them for the info on how to do it. Really just a matter of “where do the files get uploaded”. It’s a great relief too, I was starting to think that that project would never end. After about 4 weeks of working on the same project I was getting really close to the “don’t care” realm. However, the bug reports and feature requests have stopped, and the last question I got on it was a frantic “I can’t get to the server!” message, however that was a simple solution of “works for me” and I pointed an accusing picture at the cable modem provider πŸ™‚

Next in line is finishing off some details on the other project that I took at the same time. This one is a bit easier / nicer to work on, and somehow they are taking features off of the system instead of putting them on. What the heck? πŸ™‚

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