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Went to the Fraser Valley Ruby on Rails meetup tonight. Organized by a guy who now works under one of my ex-bosses from back in the dot com days, basically a group of geeks interested in the Ruby on Rails framework who get together and geek out. I’ve only been to two meetings so far,

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Ruby Camp 2008 Review

Today I went to my first Vancouver Ruby Camp, a set of talks by people in the local Ruby and Ruby on Rails community. Translation for non-techies out there… a complete geek-fest! It was great 🙂 Honestly my RoR experience is near nil, and my Ruby experience consists of reading a book on the train

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Perl Programming Assist Please

I’m going crazy here, my brain apparently fried from the weekend or the water or something, looking for some perl assistance from my perl-knowledgeable buds (you know who you are… 🙂 I’m creating a menu system and converting entries in a database into a perl data structure that I can then parse to create an

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The FizzBuzz Test

Interesting way of determining how good a programmer is on Imran’s blog, called the FizzBuzz. I took it to make sure I wasn’t a crappy comp-sci grad who couldn’t program and discovered happily I could. Took just under four minutes to complete, though part of the extra time was I forgot how the ‘%’ operator

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