Random Links of the Day

Went to the Fraser Valley Ruby on Rails meetup tonight. Organized by a guy who now works under one of my ex-bosses from back in the dot com days, basically a group of geeks interested in the Ruby on Rails framework who get together and geek out. I’ve only been to two meetings so far, and so far it is more geeking out than actual Ruby or Rails work, but the group and the direction is still evolving.

While there wasn’t a lot of “project” work per-se, I did find a set of interesting links to look through.

  • Stack Overflow – Site for finding solutions to programming problems without a lot of cruft.
  • Refactor My Code – Submit your programming problem/solution, and other folks can check it out and help to make it better/faster/smaller/less calories.
  • 15 Exercises for Learning a new Programming Language – A nice selection of short and simple problems to help learn a new programming language with.
  • Project Euler – An interesting idea. A list of programming / math problems is given, if you submit a solution, you get to see how other people solved the same issue.

Looking forward to next weeks meetup, it’s nice to be able to just geek out for stuff that’s not work related. Also good to network with other local geeks out in the boonies 🙂

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