Filesystem Woes

Ok, a bunch of updates that I’ll quickly bang out while I’ve got a bit of a break here. First of all, the weekend, for the most part, sucked. I was trying to finish off the project I swas working on before the start of the new job on Monday. I logged into home from […]

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Getting Back in the Swing

Another late night. 2:30 this morning anyway, just over 5 hours. I guess I used to do this all the time, so I’m kinda getting back in the swing of it all. It reminds me of when I was coding peer 2 peer, there were a couple of weeks of nights like this, or worse.

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A Lot of Columns to Span

Working still on the new “page display engine” way of doing things and I suddenly started getting really weird shit happening, I’d load up the page that was, as far as I remember (well, we know how good that is) was working last night and suddenly in mozilla or galeon it sits there spinning for

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Code Changes

Did you know that a train goes through town at 2am? I know this because that’s about the time I went to bed. I actually went to bed before midnight but I just lay there, wide eyed and staring at the ceiling thinking about how now that I had installed DBIx::Recordset I could create a

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Stupid, Stupid VB

Once again a couple of days ago I was turned into a Visual Basic whore. This time it was “real” VB, not VBScript. I thought it’d be better, a more Bill-like religious experience. Boy was I wrong. Short story, man, it sucks. I’m not talking about the language itself, but the interface you are forced

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Unix Date Format with SQL

This is kind of a neat one. I need to check to see if the timestamp in the database (in SQL Date format: YYYY-MM-DD) is more than X days from the current unix time (in seconds since Jan 1, 1970… 1045268704). It could be done by hand in perl, but I figured out how to

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Red sunsets.

I just wrote my first ASP: &lt%   =PDPid %> Ooooohhhh…. aahhhhhh….. Wow, just found out something as well… about how conditional statements are calculated. The entire statement is looked at. In perl, if the variable $foo is an undeclared variable, the code if( defined $foo or $foo eq “bar”) will first evaluate $foo and see

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Just to prove to everyone that my programming project is not vaporware, I give to you the first public screenshot of the NetDesignprogram! The current binary (zipped) is available along with all the other misc NetDesign stuff, at Random thought: Why do paper cuts hurt more than normal cuts? Is it something about the

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