Getting Back in the Swing

Another late night. 2:30 this morning anyway, just over 5 hours. I guess I
used to do this all the time, so I’m kinda getting back in the swing of it
all. It reminds me of when I was coding peer 2 peer, there were a couple of weeks
of nights like this, or worse. Though it especially sucks when the cats decide that when you come to bed is the time to do the “roam around and abuse the humans” thing. Firefly has been awsome putting up with me staying
up late and being generally not around in the evenings.

My page display engine works even better than I thought. I was able to use it
to create the summary page (a non-editable (Aunlike the other pages) view of
data from all the other databases), with only a few tweaks. Honestly the most
time spent last night was creating the big-ass data structure that defines the
pages, and testing.

IIRC DBIx::Recordset has built in pagination, so I should be able to
very easily create next/prev/first/last buttons on the bottom of each page.
After that all that’s left is some filtering code on the summary page and a
report that mangles all the dates and data together in a reasonable fashion (at
least to me, not sure about then).

Damn, almost 8 now, guess I took longer this morning than I thought. Oh well,
get my 8 cups of coffee at the office I guess.

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