Filesystem Woes

Ok, a bunch of updates that I’ll quickly bang out while I’ve got a bit of a break here.

First of all, the weekend, for the most part, sucked. I was trying to finish off the project I swas working on before the start of the new job on Monday. I logged into home from work (during lunch of course) Friday afternoon and made sure that my code directory was under 700 megs so that I could burn it on CD when I got home. I get home and my box decided to crash. Then when it comes up and starts reconstructing the RAID array it “stalls” as I mentioned before. I couldn’t convince it to come up nicely so I boot into knoppix to make sure that my files are all ok.

I’ve not been as scared as I was at that moment, around midnight friday night, when I typed:

alan@phoenix:~$ cd code

and got back

-bash: code Not a directory

so I type

alan@phoenix:~$ ls -l code
sr–r–r– 1 alan users 298 Jun 29 2000 code

My code directory was no longer a directory, but a socket.

No backups.

Code not sent to the client site yet.

Backups in CVS, but the cvs directory was, you guessed it, in my code directory.

My code backup script had never been put back into place after I re-installed a while back.

I was freaked. I had just lost it all, not to mention a week and a half worth of work that was “due” Monday.

I sat down, I thought a bit, and I remained calm. Run fsck on the drive, watch it start recovering things. phew. An hour or so later I go into the lost and found directory and find many files, including all my code. Oh praise the makers of fsck! Copy the files to about 18 different servers and go to bed.

Saturday was spent mostly moving things around, finishing the fscking of the drive, rebuilding the array (which worked fine) and then rebooting back into my system, which is now working fine. I did put in the 400watt power supply as well though, not sure if it helped or not, but as long as things are working, I’m not complaining.

Oh, and I got the code finished as well, and all were impressed. It looks like they are even using it now, at least testing, which is most cool. My code has been backed up onto CD now though.