As I read this article all I could think was “I could be this guy”.


2 Comments on “Sickening”

  1. It’s not sickening. I too am falling in this category. If Apple had more marketshare, chances are I would even be doing development on Apple platforms as a primary system.
    OSX was a changing point. When Panther is released, I will again look hard at the Apple laptops. As you know when we checked them out last time at LD, the 14″ iBook looked interesting. My only fear is the cost to tool it will be high (ie: Mac versions of Office is insanely expensive, and OpenOffice is just not yet ready for prime time to share with Windows Office files)
    There is nothing wrong with liking a commercial OS if it fits your needs. Free yourself from the shackles of LInux zealious thinking, and you will again remember its a tool for YOUR use… not something to be “kewl” with other geeks. Who cares what they think. Pick what you like, and what works. But for gawd sakes… make sure you don’t get an Apple Hockey Puck for a mouse, or wall paper your home office with every Mac poster out there 🙂

  2. About Office:Mac
    1) coughacquisitioncough
    2) If you buy a new Mac, Office:Mac is only, like, $200 compared to the insane $400+ price that MS had it. And they actually wondered why people didn’t buy it.
    3) OpenOffice does really well on the Mac now. If I needed an office product that was legal, I would check it out.
    About Linux Zealoutry:
    I must admit, I am a Mac Head. Not because I like proprietary OSes, but because I have ALWAYS wanted a nice, clean GUI and the Mac has always given it to me. For so long, Linux GUI development has been centered on making everything look like Windows (coughKDEcough).
    What I hope eventually happens is that Linux people get a CLUE and make something as elegant, simple, and beuatiful as the OSX shell (Aqua, Quartz, et. al) for Linux. Oops! They already have it, called WindowMaker and the GNUStep environment (ObjectiveC anyone? Most of the Cocoa framework, anyone?).
    I really do love open source, but they LONG AGO went down the wrong development path as far as the GUI. Hopefully all of these linux heads will get it in their mind to make Linux more like the Mac than like Windows.
    About the Hockey Puck Mouse:
    1) pick any USB mouse. Use in OSX. USB worked on the Mac years before it worked in windows. And I am stretching the truth by saying it really even works NOW in Windows….