Warning, rant ahead. And no, my day has not been going well!

On August 16, 1997, I was driving my good little Mazda 323 up towards Abbotsford to get a video.
My two friends, Brian and Darren
were in the car. Brian was in the back seat, Darren in the passenger seat.
At about 7:30 I stopped as a light turned yellow. I was stopped for at least a couple seconds when
I was hit from behind by a Ford Truck. The impact knocked us into the intersection. Now that I
think about it, we’re really lucky we were not hit by anyone using the cross road, or hit a
pedestrian crossing the crosswalk.

After making sure everyone was ok, I took a look at the damage. The rear end of my car was now much
closer to the backseat than it was before. This is not good. Finally the driver of the other car got
out. He didn’t even ask if we were ok! I started talking to him by saying "are you guys all right?"
Which obviously they were, as they were in a huge new Ford Truck! The driver was an eighteen year old
weenie driving his uncle’s truck, with his cousin with him. I wonder if they were thinking “did we
kill someone”, or if they were considering running for it. The driver said that he was busy checking
his mirrors to see if there was anyone in the other lane (obviously to pass us and blow through the
red light).

Minimal damage to the Ford appears to have been done, this being a slightly bent bumper, and
a crooked liscence plate (bummer!). We limped the car back to Brian’s place to wait for ICBC
to tell me if it’s a write-off or not.

Brian was feeling pain and twinges in his back, we took him to Emergency, and were there
for several hours (they are badly understaffed). They gave him some drugs and sent him on his way home,
saying “you’ll hurt tomorrow” we went home.

I tried to call ICBC and the RCMP, but ICBC was not open, and the RCMP simply said to
talk to ICBC. So that is that. Tomorrow I’m going to get a lawyer, and talk to ICBC. I’ve already
taken most of my stuff out of the car, just the radio, amp and cd-changer is left to get out tonight,
just in case ICBC takes it, says it is a write-off, and I never see it again. This really is not good.

I also just put four new tires, new headlights, and this is the first time I passed aircare! Go figure.

So, how was YOUR weekend?

Ok, that was yesturday, this is today:

Just so you know, we did call the police. They, however didn’t deem
it important enough to come out unless there were serious injuries. What do
they want, blood and decapitations???? (speaking of decapitations, just saw
The Relic, excellent movie).

Last night when I got home I called my parents for advice about insurance, lawyers,
etc. You know the first thing they asked me when I said I had an accident, and need
some advice? "Are you in jail?" … thanks dad 🙂

Anyway, today they came out, looked at the car, took me and Brian out to lunch. I
got all my crap from the car (except what is bolted in, namely the deck, CD-changer,
and amp), just in case it is a write-off. These things just have to happen
on Saturdays, when nothing is open for 2 days. Got my film developed, with the last picture
being a shot of what was once my car. I’ll have it online in a couple days. Went around
to a couple used car places today, just to have a feel on what I’m gonna be out. Unfortuatly,
being a Sunday, there were no salespeople about 🙁 Shame, I wanted to laugh at
them and their selling techniques.

Came back, vegged, went out and watched a vid. Felt my neck. Gonna take some ibprofin (sp?)
and head to bed now.