Bloody hectic day. Actually managed to sleep in till 9:30. Called a lawyer, and the only appointment

I could get right away was at 10:30. Called Brian (my taxi), but his phone was busy until 10:20.

Called ICBC and got an appointment for 3:30. Basically the lawyer doesn’t deal with the car, just

the personal injuries (and takes 1/3 of the settlement plus tax). I don’t know if I’ll use a lawyer,

I’ll see how I feel when we get back from Calgary. After the lawyer, we hit the doctor, and Brian

made an appointment, and I found out that he wasn’t taking new patients 🙁 After that

we hit the police station, and they said basically, "we don’t care." So much for that.

I found out that ICBC can tow my car in, so I just went to the appointment without it. Brian noticed

a sign in the adjusters office that said Thinking of calling a lawyer? Give me a chance first!

I thought that was kinda funny.

I signed a thing that said basically if they determine it’s a write-off they can junk it. So after ICBC

we headed back to Brian’s to take out the deck, CD-changer, amp, and all the other little bits that

I’d accumulated throughout the years. If it’s not a write-off it’s gonna be hellish to put the car

back togeather 🙁 My neck feels better though, not as sore as yesturday. I just ate too, for

the first time today. I guess being in constant motion from the time you get up to the time will

cause one to forget about food.

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